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Hiking for Good

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Hiking for Good

A group of Child Foundation volunteers joined the hiking group of Mehr-e-Danesh to visit the village of Kadooh. The purpose of this three day trip was to provide villagers in remote part of country with their health and medical needs. A number of volunteers, consisting of university medical students, veterinarian students, Red Crescent representatives, and other interested individuals participated in this project.


The village chosen is called Kadooh, which is in the Lorestan province, is 600 kilometer away from Tehran. It took the team one day of hiking from a country road between Khoram-Abad and Marg-sar to reach Kadooh.


In this trip, our medical students were able to give a physical checkup to the villagers, and our veterinarian students checked all of their livestock and provided them with advice and medicine. We also provided some books and educational items for the children.


Many thanks to Aziz Mohammadi, a local teacher who acted as our guide, Babak Pourghodrati for organizing this trip, and many of our supporters and participants.

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