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We consider and recognize the children’s need to education. To achieve this goal progressively and based on the equal opportunity, we need your help to give hope to the talented children. Sponsor a child HERE

The monthly sponsorship gift is specific for each child and has been calculated based on family needs and income among others. Generally, children need between 15-60 Pound per month. For the exact amount please CONTACT US before filling out the form. You may of course choose to pay the entire or part of the monthly need.

Children waiting list for sponsor

    Yasin Z. M.

    File No.: 79691

    D.O.B: 10/14/2006

    P.O.B: Zahedan, Sistan Baloochestan, Iran
    Financial Requirement: £35 Per Month

    Yasin has 2 brothers & 2 sisters. Their father passed away few years ago. Their only income is from different charities and subsidies from the government. Their mum works from home as much as she can but they are in desperate need of assistance for all amenities and basic needs.

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    Atoosa G. N. J.

    File No.: 79790

    D.O.B: 2/3/2008

    P.O.B: Mahshahr, Khoozestan, Iran
    Financial Requirement: £35 Per Month

    Her father left them and has remarried and moved abroad. Her mum could not get anything from the divorce in his absence. They were forced to move in with her mum’s father. He tries his best, but cannot afford the basics. They need support.

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    Amir Ali D.

    File No.: 79785

    D.O.B: 12/22/2007

    P.O.B: Birjand, Khorasan Jonoobi, Iran
    Financial Requirement: £45 Per Month

    Amir lives in a basement of his grandfather’s home with his mum. His mum left his dad years ago because of his addiction and did not get anything from the divorce but Amir himself. They need assistance with all the basics and only have Gov. subsidies to live on.

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    Armin B.

    File No.: 79720

    D.O.B: 2/13/2004

    P.O.B: Ardebil, Ardebil, Iran
    Financial Requirement: £45 Per Month

    Armin is an excellent student. His father left the family yrs ago. Armin and his brother and mother live with his mum’s uncle but has asked them to find their own place due to affordability issues. They need assistance with housing, education, clothing and basic necessities.

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    Abbas B.

    File No.: 79749

    D.O.B: 1/26/2007

    P.O.B: Boroojerd, Lorestan, Iran
    Financial Requirement: £35 Per Month

    Abbas’s father has kidney failure and is waiting for a transplant but cannot afford it. He was a plasterer. He has a brother and they can hardly make ends meet with a little income they have from different charities and Gov. Subsidies.

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    Mohammad Mehdi D.

    File No.: 79757

    D.O.B: 7/23/2009

    P.O.B: Boroojerd, Lorestan, Iran
    Financial Requirement: £35 Per Month

    Mohammad’s father left them 3 months before he was born. His mother had to give up Mohammad to his father’s mother and does not see him very often. His uncle had let them stay in his home with his 2 cousins. But recently asked them to leave. He is in desperate need of medical, Educational and clothing assistance.

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    Seyed Shayan Gh

    File No.: 79898

    D.O.B: 3/8/2009

    P.O.B: Esfehan, Esfehan,
    Financial Requirement: £40 Per Month

    Shayan is a bright young boy. He was only a year young when he lost his father due to cancer. They moved in with his grand parents. His mum used to make jewellery but economically not viable to carry on. They are in need of all the basic needs.

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    Shahram Sh

    File No.: 79773

    D.O.B: 11/12/2003

    P.O.B: Bam, Kerman, Iran
    Financial Requirement: £40 Per Month

    Sharam is bright young boy. Her mum was the 3rd wife of his father. Her father left them 9 yrs ago and went back to his 2nd wife.His brother was only 4 month old. Afer 4 yrs of his departure he died of a heart attack. Her mother works casually in date farm. Their house is in need of repairs, no bathroom or toilet. They need financial support for schooling, cloths and food.

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    Asal G

    File No.: 79861

    D.O.B: 12/16/2004

    P.O.B: Bam, Kerman, Iran
    Financial Requirement: £40 Per Month

    Asal was living a happy life till his father became an addict. Her behaviour changed and became violent towards her mother and her. Her mum had no choice but to divorce him and go back to her grand mother’s house to live. Her grand father left them for his 1st wife. Her grand mother is old and cant work. Her mum has a degree and used to work as a dental surgery receptionist but was made redundant. She cant get a job and only gets gov. Subsidies. They are in need of all the basic amenities

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    Reyhaneh D

    File No.: 79697

    D.O.B: 5/6/2004

    P.O.B: Esfehan, Esfehan, Iran
    Financial Requirement: £40 Per Month

    Reyhaneh is a bright young girl. Her parents divorced because her father had married another woman secretly. He went to live with the other woman and she did not want Reyhaneh.Her Mum re-married and the new husband did not want anything to do with her. Her grand parents accepted she would live with them.But grand father is farmer and because of draught he has no job.

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    Seyedeh Zeynab M

    File No.: 79672

    D.O.B: 7/5/2003

    P.O.B: Mashad, Khorasan, Iran
    Financial Requirement: £40 Per Month

    Zeynab is a wonderful A star student. She last her father due to stroke. Father was a labourer and did not leave much behind. Her 2 brothers have finished law degrees and looking for jobs in Tehran. Her 2 sisters are married and independent. She has twin brothers which one died of a heart failure and the other is mentally and physically handicapped. They live in a small house of their own but cant afford to pay the mortgage . She needs all the basic to carry on with her school.

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