Full Sponsorship

means contributing an on-going monthly amount to one or more specific children. Generally the minimum amount per month to be considered a sponsor is £15 per month. However, some children need more support for their basic needs due to poverty, sickness etc.

Part Sponsorship

Some people may be willing to help, but cannot pay £15 per month, they can choose to partly sponsor a child by paying £5/10 per month. In this case, one child will have more than one sponsor.

We consider and recognize the children’s need to education. To achieve this goal progressively and based on the equal opportunity, we need your help to give hope to the talented children. Sponsor a child HERE

The monthly sponsorship gift is specific for each child and has been calculated by our social workers who visit the children on regular basis. Based on family needs and income among others. Generally, children need between 10 to 20 Pound per month. For the exact amount please  CONTACT US before filling out the form. You may of course choose to pay the entire or part of their monthly need.

Fars, Shiraz
Donation Needs: 13£ / Month

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Fars, Shiraz
Donation Needs: 19£ / Month

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